Club St Johns Launched


The Club is launching a new Corporate Sponsorship initiative for 2019 called “Club St John’s”.  The new initiative sets out various sponsorship levels for sponsors as follows:

· Platinum Sponsorship

· Gold Sponsorship

· Silver Sponsorship

· Bronze Sponsorship


This will allow sponsors to decide the level at which they wish to sponsor the club for 2017. We deeply appreciate all those who have sponsored the club over the years and hope the initiative will allow old and new sponsors the opportunity to be associated with our club.


Please click here link to download the brochure


Apex Controls Football Academy 2020


St John's GAA Apex Controls sponsored Academy enjoyed their first day of the Club's 5 week indoor Gaelic Football program. Program continues every Saturday and Sunday until the 111th of March in the Sports Complex.


Sundays 2-3pm for U8 & 3-4pm forU10 boys

Sundays - 4-5pm for U10 and 5-6pm forU12 girls.

Still more places. Come along and register on the day.









If you know anyone interested in assisting any of the teams, we would welcome you to contact the relevent team manager.

Ask not what your club can do for you but what you can do for your club!!

St. John's Abú!!


The girls enjoying themselves at the first day of the indoor academy in the sports complex


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